In the midnight

of the garden

between good and evil

the thunder came

and fragile was she

as she was born

not of me

Yet that name

had I another

picked out you knew

from listening to that

skylark sing

But through ministry

the name she chose

and to the desert

witness she

came forth

Your seed not of my womb

no more

for our seed such a travesty

you betrayed

& when I spoke out

I was laid

from your mansions into the street

to find my heart

my choice

my feat

while you sit on pedestals

built on lies

yet underneath it

our child lays

to hold you up

to spare you

facing your disgrace

Yet it dawns on me

perhaps it was meant to be

another seed to be not of me

For did I bring this dark to bare

Or is it that the street has light

& within your walls it’s dark

Maybe she’s your ray

from the storm she came

And maybe, just maybe

your change has come


Skylark song…

Note: The song Skylark by KD Lang from the soundtrack of the movie shot in Savannah, Ga. I tried to find a live version of her singing this and could not. Linda Ronstadt however does a beautiful version of it. But when I watched this movie, I loved the beauty in the scenes of Savannah Georgia, not necessarily the content of the movie itself. Although I love Kevin Spacey as an actor; sad that he just got hit with his own potential dirt in the face. Nonetheless the song apparently has been recorded by over 63 various artists to include Bobby Darin, and I found it beautifully mesmerizing when I first heard it watching this movie.

Note to self: significance of lyrics discovered on searching the song…to add if I weave the narrative…It is all in…the name….!!!

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