You in Me

me in you
Shall I sugar coat the crap I see, when I face the crap of me?
It’s all written in our destiny
Don’t go blind to make a blind man see
yet hide not the truth of thee
to let it go
into the past
no more chained
to idle games
discover within what is pure
and extricate that which is not
cut it away
separate the wheat from chaff
remove yourself from the tares
drink in truth
and let love take root
for the garden in your mind
to bloom
and turn your heart toward the light
the only nectar
to give new life
my words have weight
chosen not in jest
for to lift
the soul
an eternal quest
yours and mine
to be blessed
to manifest
the chalice and
the eucharist
the war within the flesh
to make conquest
in subjugation
to divine will
by chosen righteous acts
yet one must face
their crap
to become free
to wash it all away
in liberty
the baptism
by trial
the fire
that burns it all away
the truth to set one on the path
to claim their mission
as their birthright
from this life
unto the next
lest it all
be made folly
where misdeeds
follow you into the grave
where again
you will come
to face yourself
once more
with no memory
of it all
no course
but that which ye make
to rediscover
all again once more
in this life
or the next
it is up to you
to choose
to see this gift
given to us
in you and me
the grace
of divinity
Ephesians 4:24
2 Corinthians 5:17

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