Sexy and Sweet


Say something sexy

Say something sweet

Be wet and wild

bring me to my knees


Walk like a lady

Purr like a cat

Mean lean and leggy

Saving all your treats


Victorian fashion

Eye full of passion

Press on my face

Your french lilac lace


One embrace and my sex is on fire

What’s your hidden desire

I’ll take you higher


Skin like a rose

Take off your clothes

Your face is a flame

No need for shame


Say something sexy

Say something sweet

Play my game

Say my name

Don’t look away

Look in my eyes

Hear what I say


Heart full of grace

Take off your lace

Show me your flesh

You smell so fresh


Hot blood boiling

Sizzling juices

Mix one by one

See my love

Love can be fun


Wet and wild

on my knees

Blow out the flame

Remember my name

Etched in your heart


Never fear

We must part

Wind blows

I’ll be here

Moon glows

I’ll be near


Left with a memory

Of a night full of heat

When the sexy and sweet

Swept me off my feet


Left wet and wild

Begging for more

I lay on the floor

Waiting for you

to come knocking on my door


Saying something sexy

Saying something sweet

Blowing me a kiss

Giving me a chill

Feeling such a thrill


When the wind surrounds you

Your body will melt

Close your eyes

And I will be with you

We’ll sing a lullaby


Dream my girl

You have the world

Goodnight sleep tight

Kiss the breeze goodnight

Written in 1989 (fantasy piece)

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