Forest of Angels

Angel Oak

There is something very special about this place

I see Miranda there, such a beautiful soul she is

and once before the mother next door

Her mother Mary by my foot step porch

Amidst the trees she sees

things most beautiful

as she speaks in the breeze

I see hearts in spaces between the leaves

Their branches strong protected my abode

from storms that always roll in

the cross is planted in the garden

where time sealed the fate

of those who wished me harm

the prayers in the air

they were heard

What must this place be

for me to see these things

even the phantoms

that tried one night

to cast their shadows

amidst the light

of the dark

I wonder about the energies

of what all was here

over aeons of time

for there is something very special here

to pass by angels near

yet to see clouds drifting by

ever looming

they fail to penetrate

this space

Holy is as holy though

thy kingdom come

thy will be done

on Earth

as it is

in Heaven




…to lift my soul…

I am aware, and

I give thanks

to be present


to find my way

back home

one day….


Until then Angels in my garden keep…

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