A Test

A Test

There once was girl who longed for home

for she was not of this Universe and she longed to go home

But she did not know where her home was

or if anyone would listen to her cries of her heart

she felt so all alone out in the middle of no where

Surely, this had been some big mistake

Things were not supposed to be this way

She wandered and wandered and she wondered if anything would ever change

Because she knew if she did not get help soon

she would just age and die like all earthlings do

So if anybody’s out there, please help her find her way

I wonder if all earth people feel this way, she said one day

Does everyone feel the end is near

or that time is running out

Does everybody else wonder what is left

and will there be anything left for me?


This is just A TEST


Written in the early 90’s

Is this life we’ve been given just a test?

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