Losing it All

a angel josphine art

Artist: Josephine Wall

Can you give me what

I want I think not

Does anyone really know what it takes to be fulfilled

So many escapes from reality

Yet reality is defined by each

and every one of us

Do we really cease to think

Is everyone passive

In aggression

In hate In lies

In waste

We mock ourselves every day

We destroy everyday

What will it take

To make or

To break

Some see light

Some see dark

I see despair in both

Sacrifice in both

Some give

Some don’t

No time for unity

Too many divided minds

In this day and age

It’s as if we’re tearing

each other apart

in one big cage

It’s like we’ll just keep

rattling the bars

until we disappear

We know the truth

We see the way

We want to have it

It’s there somewhere

We just can’t seem to grasp it

Always wanting more

than we can share

We’ve taken our eyes off the ball

Now we’re in fear of losing it all


Written in the 90’s

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