real heart1


Doesn’t anyone see my heart

Don’t I have a good heart

My heart is ripping from my chest

In utter despair that:


I have not always been sensitive to the good hearts of others.

In such selfish anguished mind and heart, I become selfless.


My heart is breaking

For this pain I have created

The knife I bludgeoned into me

Must have hurt you far worse


Only now, it is killing us



A note today on this:

Interesting, this notion of hearts… My mentor on this spiritual journey spoke of hearts in the past, but recently (I’ve only spoken to him a handful of times the past 10 years) mentioned that I have no heart. I do not think this is to imply I am heartless, yet I would tend to think he would mean, we must remove our evil hearts. I would imagine the hearts of all men are evil according to his spiritual point of view, thus him saying this does not prick at my ego these days, for I see the inherit truth of the human condition. I dare to ponder too, he would never acknowledge that I had a heart, unless of course I surrendered to obedience. Perchance, it is the journey of the spiritual path to remove the heart laden with sins, and rebuild it in the obedience of divine hands.



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