Call me Judas

Floating on Air Surrendered

Call Me Judas

If you will

I’ve lied

I’ve cheated

I’ve betrayed

I’ve murdered

I’ve done it

For my transgressions

I’m aware

For them I do not deny

They haunt the

hallows of my mind

They wrapped around

my soul

To keep its breath inside

So much to let out

and release in order

to be free

From the bondage

my travesties

have born

The distance

they created within me

Is a thorn to be plucked

The stings

of my misdeeds

have blinded me

& made me numb

Removed me from

my divinity

Taken away my

capacity to

see the heart

in stillness of


To remove this

cloak of stupidity,

moronity, ignorant

monstrosity that

could not do

what I knew to

be right, to stay

true to my

inherit birthright

To go and sin

no more is

the way to

break these bonds

forever more


*Yes I make up words, like moronity.




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