Burn it down he says

shall I walk away

and where into the street

shall I stand

like the man

I saw yesterday

on tilt between the lanes

Did not your mother tell you

not to play with fire


The tongue it lashes

so quick

when one has nothing to lose

but everything


The smoke is thick

it chokes

been on my knees to breathe

my life laid out flat


watching redwoods grow in my sleep


Burn it down

like a timber falling

into cinder

jumped off that branch

long ago

plunged into heart

this fire

like a seed cracked open

to give rise to new growth


Burn it down

make room for hallowed ground

from out of dirt

love springs forth

hollow the heart

to open the eyes of intellect

See through the lies

and into the soul

prana and manna


Burn so bright

as one with light

40 years

in the Desert of Sin

Cloud by day

and fire by night


Massah and Meribah

the lesson at hand

The Rock and water fall

falter not

a nomad


Burn it down

the evilness of heart






Such a drenching

and wringing out

a cathartic exposure

I am not dry

It’s all such a dream

simmering in stew an ingredient

just an additive

to make for a great dining experience

last year it poured

now it passes

into the mix

a baking


for the next course…

serve wisdom

for into the dross

sustenance is consumed

and output is energy in speaking holiness

where no vile can taint the innocent

for vileness scorches

singes, and burns

some wield fire to hurt

some to light a flame

…a baptism by fire…

a test of faith

in search of truth

the future is past

when it becomes present


Intention of Purpose

Garden Cross

Is it wrong to wish on a star

or make a wish on a candle

So many mixed messages

the paradox is in the heart

where duality sorts

into one

then to see beyond

and make a wish in all you do


Be pure and true

intention of purpose

to experience and chart

it matters to some

lest upon the rocks they dare to dash

some they give

until they give it all away


It’s not about right or wrong

it’s about being in the experience

and learning along the way

for that is the way

upon a path

few brave enough to tread


so light a candle and make a wish, and say a prayer

for all that matters

is what’s in

your heart


…the way of the cross…

& compass points


Predator or Prey

mud dauber

She says don’t be a fool

like a termites nest

where silly laden women

have moth and decay

things that come my way

say be careful you do not destroy

thus my angle turns to a different point of view

there has to be a different way

pause and reflect

take time to figure it out

ethics and choices

we all live by….

a mud dauber’s nest

with larva

and spider

which one are you

for your choices oft

ponder predator, prey, nor either

yet what are they?

For we live by them

and we die by them…

in the beginning and end all

is made of dirt and clay

yet the soul

is void of death…