Master of Mindfuck

My toes

Hey mister Player

Hey Mister Poet

Hey Mister Porno Fuck

Just give me one more suck

And I’ll be on my way

Carving out a spiritual highway to hell


Marriage in a bar

Telling stories of a porno queen in your car

You just want to love me

The I love you(s) roll off your

tongue as rapidly as

the smoke fills your lungs

And the liquor fills your gut

I don’t want to be your

favorite slut


The sweet talk and the pain

don’t wash it all away

it just saturates you all in vain

Materializing trinkets and angels

Tell me you’re not insane


A master you call yourself

and yell to me

Would such a master

have to scream

You tell me this oh glorious magnanimity


You want to love me and

you give away the gifts I give to you

And is to love me to not care for me

The needs of hunger and thirst

all for gone for your downing

of your drinks and sharing of poetry


I don’t need a baby to look after

nor a drunk to console

who screams at me that I don’t

have a point


A master of illusion

perchance maybe

The illusions of me have gone up in smoke

For you have heaped coals of fire

upon my heart

And no matter how much

I love you, I love myself more


You have shown to me the writing

on the wall


And I would be a fool

to stay blinded by this light


The light of truth has

been born unto me tonight


Like you said you can replace

a lover and I’m sure that’s your plan

Just take what you can

And cry love leaves you


I say to you wake up my friend,

for you perpetuate your misery


I am not the only one that

has been crude and rude

Maybe you should ask yourself

What about you brings these

things to fall on you


I am so hurt

I hurl these darts

Not because of inadequacies


Only because I realize my

lack of judgment and fear

For the lack of these I

have joined you in your disease


I will not pursue in healing

you, for I need to repair

the damage that I have done

For the damage done to me

by you is irreparable


How could you not have known

I am sure you have more

numbers to call and more

girls to drink


A lover and a warrior

all to yourself

and within your mind


Have I made my Point

Mister Player, and Predator

of my naivety


February 1997

Note: Written in bewilderment and confusion of when a man walked into my life calling himself a master. A master is just a teacher, I have learned after all these years. I too learned that when one takes many supplements, drinking leeches the bones of minerals and for health this can be done a few times a year, in order to re-supplement the body with subsequent vitamin and nutrient intake. I have also learned too that diabetes in men causes them often great unrest concerning neuropathy in their appendages, especially in their prime possession of manhood, and that pornography can actually be used for health purposes, and it often is advised for such men facing reduced blood flow to their organ and as such they see it as a life raft for not losing the functioning of their sex life. To some of these men it is not seen in a disgraceful way, and to the women of such men, so it is said from studies, they too can achieve better release after viewing such even if they don’t think they care for this sort of teasing of their libido. Personally, I think deep spirituality and expression sexually could possibly achieve the same means.

I share this, because I erred in my modern take on his affairs and conversations he shared, as I made judgments, and threw them on him with upmost fear. He proved himself to be actually quite a man of knowledge on all manner of sacred, and ancient orated beliefs in helping man to discover his divine purpose. I still get mired in thinking there could be some disorder of sorts, however the western mind cannot always comprehend the eastern philosophies, and often those not destined to know these mysteries, they will seem incomprehensible to a fear laden mind. Such a mind simply will not discover the hidden truths, not yet meant to be revealed…until one surrenders, ego, fear, and judgment and seeks to walk a path of love in obedience to divine principles.

He spoke of what he is, an ancient name, I shall not utter. Yet, upon searching it out, I found a reference to, “the way”, and in that process discovered during the Saxon Chronicles, the way to a holy well was a path traveled by many, and the well now resides somewhere in the middle of a river that was dredged to make a channel for a waterway. The foot is significant because the name, also led me down a path to discover another called by such long ago, and a foot appears on the grave marker of this man and according to legend it is because of a woman who told the man one day she would stomp on his grave. There is so much more to this story, that shall have to wait to be told perchance one day, for there are ties to legends and lore, and even perchance Merovingian associations, and places….too much to explore, but definitely enough to not ignore!


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